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Disney Party Index

Latest trends, tips and tricks for planning a child's party

A party is a time to celebrate, but planning a little ones big day can be a daunting task. The Disney Party Index, based on a poll of over 2000 UK parents, will guide you through the key things to consider when planning a party. Covering everything from etiquette to invites and including potential challenges parents face, this useful guide will help you navigate the party planning process.

Find advice on food, budgets and the all-important gifts along with handy tips from parenting expert Anita Cleare.

Anita says "Although it can be a stressful job, it’s great to see that 53 per cent of parents still enjoy hosting parties for their children. The Disney Party Index highlights the numerous challenges parents face when planning or attending a party – from deciding how many people to invite, to how much to spend on gifts. Parents feel pressured to not only impress their children, but other parents too. We hope the report provides budding party planners with useful insights that they can use when planning their next children’s party."

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